I know that I am uniquely created to help people and have an eye for holes and what doesn't quite fit.  I'm a good editor. I recognize that instead of looking to others for what I can and can't do with my talents, I feel I've spent some quality time discovering what really makes me come alive. I love to edit words, businesses, and mentalities.

I love nature and a good cup of herbal tea. I enjoy learning about myself and about others. This life is a process that I thought I'd be done with by now, but instead I'm embracing the unknown and the ever-changing. I never thought I knew *exactly* what that one thing was that I was supposed to do with my life. I think I had some inclination, but it's taken a while to uncover that and live into it. I always fought that urge to help people, because what type of job was that? Now I am so beyond excited to spend my days doing just that. Loving and helping people with my entire being - because that is who I am.