I don't normally like blogs

I don’t mind reading certain blogs. I’m not someone who reads a ton of blogs, though. I usually skim through all the story and fluff to get to the real meat of the blog. Like the recipe, or the “how to.” But I most certainly don’t read blogs that don’t offer at least some form of service or remedy. That is similar to how I approach life at times. It is definitely how my father used to approach me as well. “Stefanie, just get to the point.” He’d insist. I find myself impatient in work scenarios at times thinking, “We’re just talking in circles, let’s get something done.” Often I’d mistake that trait for impatience. Turns out, I learned that Activator is actually one of my top five strengths according to Gallup’s StrengthFinder. It was funny how for many years I apologized for this strength and always used it as a “weakness.” While I think there are times where it can be misused, I do think that I’m pretty darn good at getting things done. While I hated when my dad said that to me (one of my other strengths is Communication. aka, I like telling stories), I can’t help but wonder if he was pretty good at getting things done as well. Like many other things in life, once I began to embrace it as something special and unique about myself, I stopped feeling sorry. That is who I am. Interesting how something so simple can either bring about pain and conflict or freedom. Every day I learn more about myself and more about others. I always thought I’d be *done* by a certain age. Spoiler alert: we are never done. If we are, we are not growing, we’re dying. Sounds like I’d rather be growing than dying, or “done.”

What I really don’t like is the idea of writing a blog myself. If I don’t read other people’s fluff, why am I adding to that with my own? I have never considered myself a writer, but it is something that’s been on my heart.

Today at a coffee shop, I ran into an acquaintance and we spent a few minutes catching up. He told me the difference between writers and people who want to write is actually doing it. With that, he encouraged me to write, to actually put my thoughts down somewhere. Not just in my head or told to someone, but written. So my fluffy blog is me writing down the things and stories I tell to others. There was once a time in my life where I was very lonely and isolated and regardless of having a few good friends, I didn’t have a community. The blogging community is new to me, but I am encouraged by the thought of growth.