the right direction

Days like today are good days. Days where the interactions are full of life and remind me how much I love helping people. I ran into an former staff member that I had the pleasure of supervising several years ago. Typically I feel like unplanned interactions can be rather brief as both parties are typically headed somewhere. Today we stood there engaged in each others lives until we weren't anymore. This is a girl who would sit in my office for hours during our scheduled 30 minute bi-weekly check ins. She was full of life, but at times was so weighted down by all the things on her plate. I have always loved this girl and wanted the best for her in life. She is 22 years old and working at a job that is a job. She has a dream to open a restaurant/venue/market/grocery store to use as a platform to educate and interact with people about the food that we eat and the impact that it has - not only on the environment and on our bodies, but on the economy as well. 

I mentioned to her that it's taken me a while, but at 30 years old, I've finally developed the gumption to do what I love - even if it doesn't fit into a neat little box. I'd probably still say that I don't necessarily know how to put words to what it is I'm doing, but I'm moving forward and taking steps each day. And today makes my dream just a little closer. To hear the things on her heart that brought such life to her spirit, confirmed that being in the people business and partnering with hearts like hers is what I would love to do as long as I am able. Watching her come alive as we stood there diving in to all the possibilities made my heart smile. 

There are many different experiences that we all encounter and yet see the world through our own unique lens that makes us who we are. Has there been a time where you've known something about yourself but have had a difficult time putting words to it? If so, that's ok. I've had a difficult time for the better half of the past 15 years doing just that. And I still don't necessarily have all the answers that I would have hoped to have. Find out a little bit more about yourself and enjoy it. Embrace that new knowledge instead of getting down on yourself for still not figuring it all out. Celebrate the little things daily.