promise of life to come

The past few months have felt like weeks. They’ve been full of a mixture of emotions. I think it started with the flu. I had a high fever for 5 days that wouldn’t break. After it finally broke, it still took a few days to feel better. The next day it was warm outside, and the earth was glad. All of the blooms welled with excitement. Spring was coming. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful break in the gloomy weather that had been lingering. Many people could be seen out walking, running, and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. By the end of the day, something didn’t feel right and I tried to take it easy. The next morning my throat felt closed up and I was super congested. I wasn’t sure if I had just pushed it too hard from just getting over the flu or if it was something else. Two days later and getting worse by the minute, I realized it was allergies. That knocked me out for another 4-5 days. I spent the next day outside with a trio of kids full of life and joy, only to be greeted by what appeared to be contact dermatitis. This was a term I had become familiar with as most time doctors didn’t know what I was having reactions to, they just said “Oh, it’s just some form of contact dermatitis.” No kidding. That’s why I’m coming to you for help. I spent the next 4-5 days wanting to rip my skin off from how itchy I was.

Through the course of those few miserable weeks, I remember looking outside and longing to be out there in all the budding green. I wanted to enjoy the new life that was coming out of their winter hiding places. Yet, I was so bitter at what I had been experiencing as of late. I would just hide away in my cottage until spring had sprung. I was so filled with joy and hope as I remembered the promise of new life that spring brought with her. I don’t think I knew the full impact that winter took until that first day of growth. It put everything into perspective. I knew that winter had to happen and death had to come before the new life was able to flourish.

This winter had been different though. I spent many days outside in the bitter cold, hiking and enjoying those precious talks with the Lord. During the week I rarely ran into anyone on the trail, and could speak and pray out loud as I wished. I hadn’t thought it was actually that bad. And yet, when the first signs of green came, my spirit jumped.

I haven’t necessarily come to any other conclusions other than I know something is happening within the earth and within me. I know that He is Risen and is coming again. I know that things are bubbling up inside of me. I know that I have been preparing to birth a new thing that has been yearning within my spirit for quite some time. I’m excited for the things to come and what that time will look like as I take steps to making it a reality.

How does spring impact you? Are there things in your life that you want to step into but are unsure how to?